Azure Log Analytics Basic Logs

Introducing Azure Log Analytics Basic Logs: Streamline Log Management and Reduce Costs

Welcome to our website page dedicated to Azure Log Analytics Basic Logs. This innovative solution offers a cost-effective approach to managing high-volume logs typically used for debugging, troubleshooting, and auditing. While Basic Logs are not designed for advanced analytics and alerts, they provide a valuable option for efficient log storage and retrieval.

Configuring Basic Logs Made Easy

To configure Basic Logs, follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep in mind that Basic Logs do not support tables created with the Data Collector API. However, they are compatible with logs created through Data Collection Rules (DCR), ContainerLogsv2 (used by Container Insights), and Apptraces.
  2. By default, all tables are set to analytics mode. To switch to Basic Logs, navigate to the Log Analytics Workspaces, select the relevant workspace, go to the Tables section, choose the desired log, and select “Manage Table” from the options. Change the table plan to Basic, noting that the retention period will change from 30 days to 8 days. Alternatively, you can make this configuration change through the API or CLI.

Efficient Querying of Basic Logs

When working with Basic Logs, log queries are optimized for simple data retrieval using a subset of the Kusto Query Language (KQL). The supported operators include “where,” “extend,” “project,” “project-away,” “project-keep,” “project-rename,” “project-reorder,” “parse,” and “parse-where.” However, it’s important to note that certain limitations exist, such as the inability to specify a time range within the query and the unavailability of the purge command. For a comprehensive list of limitations, please refer to the official documentation.

Cost Savings with Basic Logs

One of the significant advantages of Azure Log Analytics Basic Logs is its cost-effectiveness. Here’s a comparison of pricing:

  • Basic Logs: $0.615 per GB of data ingested
  • Standard Pay-as-you-go price: $2.76 per GB (5GB free per month) with discounts for purchasing a commitment tier of up to 5000GB per day.

During the preview phase, there is no charge for querying Basic Logs. However, once it reaches general availability (GA), a nominal fee will be applicable based on the amount of data scanned by the query, rather than the amount of data returned by the query. The expected cost at that time will be $0.007 per GB of data scanned.

Conclusion: Simplify Log Management with Azure Log Analytics Basic Logs

Azure Log Analytics Basic Logs provide a simplified and cost-effective solution for managing high-volume logs without the need for advanced analytics and alerts. By utilizing Basic Logs, you can streamline log storage, retrieval, and querying processes while enjoying significant cost savings. Explore the potential of Azure Log Analytics Basic Logs today and optimize your log management efficiency.

For more information and detailed documentation, please feel free to contact our team or refer to the official Azure documentation.

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