Azure VM Diagnostics settings

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On todays guide i will be explaining what are the benefits of enable the diagnostics settings.

By default the Platform provides insights from Host level [Hyper which hosts our guest VM] that information is valuable but does not exposed to the full picture from guest perspective.

My environment : Debian 4.19.118 , D2s_V3 running apache2 and mysql.

Ok , so how can we get insight about our running VM?

Lets navigate to the Monitoring section and highlight Diagnostics settings.

first we need to chose a storage account to store all the data that will be collected.

Press the Enable guest-level monitoring [this will inject an agent to the VM] commonly named LAD [Linux Azure Diagnostics].

Agent will be downloaded at /var/lib/waagent [] extracted and run from my environment is Linux it will gather information from syslog.

Basic Metrics will be collected every 15 sec :

if we wish to change the values or add a custom metric that we have created we will need to navigate to custom option and perform the changes.

By default Syslog logs will be collected by using the log level pf LOG_DEBUG.

We can change the settings when needed.

All date will be storage under the storage account we chose previously on the Embalmment of this Service.

If we wish to delete the Agent we have on the bottom a Remove option under the Agent section.

Going back to Metrics. now we can see a new namespace which represent the guest and create a dashboard.

This data can be used in many options :

Pinned to you favorite Azure Portal dashboard , shared with others or downloaded.

Another useful option is it allows you to create Alert based on the Metrics you have defined.

Remember if you face any issue feel free to raise a ticket to our wonderfully Azure support and an engineer will be happy to assist mitigate the issue.

Thank you , Tzachi Elkabatz

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