Azure Linux VM -How to avoid fstab issues.

Hello All , Hope everyone is doing well. Today i would like to share a suggestion that will save you time when a new mount point was defined but was not testes and caused your Grub to fail due to mount point failure .

This apply to any Linux but most us full on Azure Cloud to fast recover.

Typically after you have created a new mount point your next step will be to updated your fstab in order to make it persistent.

you probably check your mounts using the below command [sudo]

mount -a [to verify all mount points are successfully mounts.]

So my Tip is to add for any new disk mount point under your fstab file the option nofail in order to remove any fail mount point to block your Os from complete boot.

/dev/mapper/tzachi-lvdata  /lvdata1    xfs     defaults,nofail 1 1

if you get stuck during the Process of fstab issue.

Feel free to raise a ticket to our wonderfully Azure support Support and an engineer will be happy to assist mitigate the issue.

Thank you ,

Tzachi Elkabatz

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