Azure-Linux VM -Configure A Partition Larger Then 2 TB.

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In This Scenario we will cover how to configure a partition larger then 2TB.

After we have created the a new disk using one of the options (Portal, Azure Cli , PowerShell)

disk will be attached to the VM.

If we run fdisk -l we can see at the bottom the latest disk with a 4TB size. (4 Tib)

Below we can see what happens when trying to allocate one large partition that will contain the entire disk size.

We will receiveĀ Value out of range.

and disk we be partitioned as 1.8 TB.

So here are the news ->Fdisk utility supports up to 2TB disk!!

If you wish to use a larger disks please useĀ parted utility.


So how do we overcome it ?

We will use parted utility .

Hope this will help.

if you still face an issue please raise a support ticket with Microsoft and one of their engineers will assist you.

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Tzachi Elkabatz

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